Gothic Teens

Gothic Themed Bedrooms

One popular bedroom theme is the gothic style. You don't need to be a pale-faced young goth to appreciate the dark sensuality or historical appeal of a gothic bedroom, be it traditional medieval or more of the fantastic style. Here are a couple of decor ideas:



When most people think about "gothic" one word usually comes to mind: black. Black can play a useful part in a bedroom, but it must be used with care. Black absorbs heat, so an all black room can become very uncomfortable on a warm summer night. Black, on the other hand, can be used very effectively as a splash or contrast detail.


Another very effective colour when used in moderation is red. A deep red can be exciting, playful and sensual. It can suggest the red lips of a kiss - perhaps those of a vampire?


Castle walls were made of stone, so a stone grey is appropriate. Wallpaper which resembles stonework can also be bought.


Medieval gothic decor tended towards simple materials (wood, iron) and ornate decoration. Intricate candle holders and four poster beds with richly coloured hangings (canopy beds) were an example.
A useful style of furniture for the gothic bedroom is the chest. Gothic style storage cabinets and armoires can add character to a room whilst also being practical. One possibility is to take an existing cabinet and apply gothic motifs where appropriate.
A medieval castle can be created and decorated in colours of: red, burgundy, purples, blue, green, tan, gold and black. It should be furnished with antique gold metal - silver - bronze - dark woods - wrought iron - stone.


Accessories can really bring a bedroom to life (if that's appropriate for a gothic fan...). They also have the big advantage of being relatively easy to change if and when the bedroom user's tastes change.
Possibilities to consider include wall-mounted gargoyles, heraldic emblems, candlesticks, artificial spider webs, side tables, etc.
Mirrors can be very effective. They are highly practical and if styled appropriately can give the impression of a castle window. They also make excellent places for mounting skulls, plastic spiders, etc!
The old standbys such as wall hangings, posters and artwork must not be forgotten. These are the easiest of all accessories to change and can help to keep the room design fresh.

However, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the huge variety of gothic additions at the store. If too much of it is crammed in then it can end up just becoming a mess. Furniture, accessories and designs should complement each other.