Gothic Teens

The Girl Who Foresaw Her Own Death

Her name was Angeles Rawson but her family and her friends used to call her Mumi. She was a typical middle-class teenage girl aged sixteen who lived in the neighbourhood of Palermo, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Like many girls her age, she loved going to anime events, cosplay, listening to music, taking pictures of herself, hanging out with friends and studying. She was the best student in her school.

Angeles disappeared on 10 th June 2013 and her body was found 24 hours later in a rubbish disposal site. Her case was given extensive national media coverage and 24-hour news channels kept the audience constantly updated. Dramatic details about her death (such as the wound marks on her body) became known and the audience followed her story with breathless enthusiasm. The Argentine tabloid "Muy" even overstepped the limits of good taste by publishing shocking pictures of the girl's dead body wrapped in plastic trash bags.

The girl’s private life was scrutinised and, worst of all, her sad story turned into a reality show in which Angeles played the main role and her friends, family and acquaintances became the supporting characters. The focus of attention became the girl's own mother with her puzzling remarks (stating she could even forgive the one who had murdered  her daughter) and her cold, uncaring attitude.

There was endless speculation about the identity of the killer and the possible motives that could have led to her murder. A colourful  parade of suspects was presented: a wicked stepfather who could have molested her sexually, a mentally-retarded homosexual stepbrother, an older biological brother having a criminal record of sexual abuse, a maid who contradicted herself while giving testimony and the list went on... Like in the typical detective story, all evidence pointed to the last person anyone would ever suspect: not the "killer butler" this time but the caretaker of the building where Angeles lived. 

However, the most surprising peculiarity about the story of Angeles Rawson is the fact that it seems she tragically foresaw her own impending death. Most of the questions she answered on deal with the subject of death raising doubts about her own life and wondering if she would ever justify a murder. Mumi's favourite bands were Evanescense and Linkin Park. The song she loved most was Roads Untraveled by Linkin Park included in the album which is ironically called Living Things and which contains many songs whose names (In My Remains, I'll Be Gone, Victimized, Skin To Bone) curiously also refer to death.

Is it possible, then, that a teenager only aged sixteen could have perceived that her own death was not so far in time? Plentiful evidence suggests she did consider this issue before dying. After all, her own name was prophetic in some way. As musician Jim Morrison put it:

Death makes angels of us all
and gives us wings
where we had shoulders
smooth as raven's